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Refunds and Exchanges

If you are unsatisfied with your product, we are here to help. Due to the nature of custom furniture, we cannot guarantee full refund on all pieces. Each refund request will be reviewed case by case. If the product is being shipped back, the shipping costs incurred are at the responsibility of the buyer.

You may cancel an order up until the purchase of materials.


Cutting Board Care Instructions:

HAND WASH ONLY with soap and water.

Reapply Odie’s Oil or mineral oil every 2 months to prevent the wood from drying out.


Epoxy Coated Table Care Instructions:

Use a microfiber cloth and mild dish soap, or another non-abrasive household cleaner for daily cleaning.


Wood does not like abrupt humidity changes. Wood acclimates to whatever humidity it is normally in, there for we DO NOT recommend leaving your piece outside. Most of our pieces are for indoor use only and SHOULD NOT be taken outside, unless it is specifically an outdoor piece.