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About Us

Daniels Handmade Indy started as an idea in a garage in 2017. A friend, who had gone on to be my mentor, offered me a slab of black walnut to make into a project I had been talking about. When that project was complete, I gained a love and appreciation for live edge wood. After I posted it on my Facebook page, somebody loved it so much that they made and offer, and I accepted. Realizing there was a demand for live edge furniture, I decided to become more involved. I began making trips to local saw mills to collect wood slabs and discovered that there were so many varieties of wood! I was entranced with the desire to work with as many of them as possible.

This leads us to the present day. Daniels Handmade Indy has moved out of the garage and into a shop collaborating with a local blacksmith, James Wahls, of Indy Hammered Knives fame. Located in the ton of Acton, Indiana, there is a strong sense of American heritage present here.

With an inspiration for woodworking in my heart and a desire to leave a legacy behind for my children, Daniels Handmade Indy is now flourishing. Dedicated to hard work and a crafting a quality product, you can be sure that Daniels Handmade Indy can be trusted with your next project.

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